Thank you PayPal

We received the following e-mail today from David Marcus, the President of PayPal:


Dear Mark,

Like many people across the world, the teams at PayPal have been very deeply moved by the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We are so very sorry for your loss, and as the father of three children I truly cannot imagine your pain. Everyone at PayPal has the families of Sandy Hook and the Newtown community in our thoughts. We want to help you in the only small way we can.

We are waiving all, and any, fees associated with the fundraising you are making in memory of your loved one for one year. We know that won't change a thing but we wanted to let you know.

Our team is also standing by to help with any questions you may have as we know that those organizing fundraising efforts have some questions and we want to help.

On behalf of every individual at PayPal, I send our very deepest sympathies. 

President, PayPal